Mums in Business Mastermind Program

Clarity. Confidence. Community.

A 6-week online group coaching program for badass business mums, ready to upgrade their mindset, create balance and build a business that they love


Does this sound like you?

You feel like there's not enough hours in the day to give everyone what they need and have a serious case of mum-guilt-itis.

You’re an ambitious mum in business but you feel like you're at a stand-still.


You’re run ragged, overworked and just can’t seem to get the balance right between work and family life.

You may just be starting out in the business world and feel overwhelmed about which steps to take.

You know you and your business are destined for more but the critical voice in your head is stopping you from taking the next step.


You would really benefit from being part of a group of powerful women in business that will support you, keep you on track and inspire you to take action.

This last year has made many of us take stock of our lives and careers and reflect on whether they are working for us or not. Without the numbing distractions of holidays, days out, hobbies, our lives have been put under a microscope. We've been forced to look at what's left.
I have worked with so many people recently who are now full of doubt. Do they want to continue in the career they're in? Have they been spending enough time with the people they love? Is their partner the one for them still?
I don't think many business owners have gone unscathed by the changes and restrictions. Even though it has forced us to be creative, innovative and learn skills to adapt to the new way, it's been challenging for many of us. Our confidence has been knocked. We feel vulnerable. Fear still hangs around us.
As we get back on our feet and dust ourselves off, a support network is essential to keep us on track with our new goals and help lessen our fear and doubt. My mastermind program will give you the opportunity to shift unhelpful beliefs, develop a positive mindset and feel inspired to take the steps you need to move your business to the next level.

Never taken part in a Mastermind before?

Oooh, are you in for a treat?!


You will meet each week with an intimate group of outstanding, like-minded mums in business where you will form strong connections and friendships to help propel you forwards. You will take it in turns to share your successes and challenges. We will answer your questions; provide you with inspiration, tips and advice; hold you to account on your goals and most importantly, celebrate your progress.


The group will give you space to concentrate on working on your business rather than just in it, which as a busy mum we don't often have time to do. It won't be all business talk though - the main focus will be on you and how you can take care of yourself within the busy-ness. We will focus on how you can put yourself first so that you can show up as the best version of YOU for your clients and your family. 

We will concentrate on challenging limiting beliefs and removing the obstacles that might be getting in the way of you taking your business to the next level. Through the support and warmth that you'll receive from the group, your confidence and self-belief will sky rocket! Your beliefs are the most important thing to move your business forwards. 80% of the success of your business is down to your mindset and only 20% is down to the strategy and what you do.

Not sure if this is for you? The only way to truly understand the magic of this group is to experience it for yourself.

We're excited to welcome you aboard, beautiful ladies!

What are the benefits of a Mastermind?

Each session you will experience...

Mutual support

Different perspectives

A safe space to explore, discover & grow

Increased confidence & accountability

Challenge to think bigger


Encouragement & tons of celebration!



This program will take you from frazzled to fulfilled

from confused to crystal clear

from doubting to DOING!

You will experience how to...

‣   Truly connect to the confident goddess that lies within you

‣   Manage your emotions more effectively to prevent stress and overwhelm

‣   Create emotionally compelling goals that get the fire in your belly burning

‣   Say goodbye to endless job lists and hello to inspiring action plans

‣   Connect with the true purpose behind your business goals 

‣   Identify and challenge disempowering thinking and beliefs 

‣   Get in touch with and trust your own inner wisdom 

‣   Visualise and manifest your ideal business 

‣   Strike a balance between work, family and self-care

‣   Ask yourself better questions to create positive forward momentum

What's included?


30 minutes with Claire to see if you are a good fit and prepare you for your new adventure 


90 minutes each week to share, strategise and celebrate with 4 other incredible women


60 minutes to get clarity on your next steps, to turn your dreams into a reality


To continue the momentum and access ongoing support

The success of a business = 80% psychology + 20% mechanics

As Henry Ford famously said, 'Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right'. 

Mindset is everything and will hold you back, or propel you into action. 

What previous program graduates had to say...

My Mastermind experience has led me to thinking more clearly and having a stronger belief in myself. Claire has facilitated the group sessions to be friendly, warm and full of learning. It has been lovely getting to know the other participants who brought a sense of community, inspiration and accountability that I needed, to bring real change in my daily routines. Thank you to Claire for your support and kindness throughout the sessions. It has truly changed my thinking, actions and future career/life for the better!

Apply to work with me

Now accepting applications for the January 2022 Mastermind.

Frequently asked questions

Why shouldn't I join?

You should NOT join if:

  • You can't commit to attending all the meetings
  • You can't commit to the time and energy to putting things into action to reach your goals
  • You find it hard to listen to others and work as a team
  • You already have a strong support network and verything you need in life and your career
  • You are not willing to change and grow

Could I be asked to leave the group?

Unforutunately, yes. This is a safe space designed to provide the utmost care and support to allow you to explore and make the necessary changes in your mindset. If you consistently fail to follow the group code of conduct, which you will receive and sign if you are invited to join the program, then you will be asked to leave the group. Please note, that if you decide that it is not for you once starting the program or you are asked to leave, your investment will not be refunded.

I'm so interested! How do I take part?

Click the 'Let's Get Started' button above. I will send you a short application form via email to see if we're a good fit. Each member is carefully selected to ensure the group is made up of ladies with similar goals, that will bring out the best in each other. If it is felt that this is right by you, you will be invited to join. You will receive some paperwork by email to read through and sign - then that's it! You're in! You're ready to start upgrading your business and your life!

How do I know if this is for me?

If you are a busy mum and business owner then this is definitely for you! You can't not benefit it from it. I can't promise that you'll double your turnover or make 6 figures but I can promise you that being surrounded by other passionate and inspiring ladies, you will develop the confidence and belief in yourself to help you and your business to shine. The only way you're truly going to know if this is for you is by joining! What have you got to lose?!