Our team of professional counsellors based in Swadlincote, near Burton on Trent, are ready to help you free yourself from the emotional burdens that are weighing you down.


Our approach

We strongly believe that one approach does not fit all and that’s why all of our counsellors are trained in a number of therapies, allowing them to tailor their support to fit your needs. We are dedicated to supporting you to develop new empowering ways of thinking, free yourself from destructive behaviours and discovering the greatness that already lies within you.

Our counsellors are specially handpicked not just because of their skills and experience but also for their warm and friendly manner. Our counsellors will combine clever theory, knowledge and experience with an approachable way of working so that you feel comfortable enough to explore, discover and grow into the person you truly are.

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We completely understand that starting counselling, especially if this is your first time, is massive and can feel terrifying. That’s why it is our mission to provide a space where you feel at ease and safe to explore the past and help you to develop the confidence to move forwards.


Counselling can be a tough process but I assure you that there will also be laughs along the way!

How we can help you

Here are a few common areas we support clients with in our counselling sessions:

Anxiety and stress

Feeling trapped in your own life? Terrified to take risks and make changes? Nervous about people, places and events? Anxiety is a debilitating burden to bear, and one of the many areas I can help improve. Stress is the unwelcome by-product of a world without barriers. A world full of responsibilities and obligations. Our grounding techniques can help bring mindfulness and quiet back into a world full of noise and chaos.

Low self-esteem and lack of confidence

The most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself. Low self-esteem and a lack of confidence can leave you hating the person you should love the most. Many people find flaws in themselves that never really existed. Let me help you rediscover the real true-love of your life. You.

Depression, loss and trauma

The weight of depression can bury your hopes and make day to day living unbearable. As with the gaping emptiness of loss and bereavement, life can seem hard and cold. Trauma can leave us feeling cut off from those we need the most. Detached from our own lives. With support you can begin to feel the warm, weightlessness of life once again and reconnect with what matters to you.


‣  Sexual abuse / rape

‣  Emotional abuse

‣  Domestic abuse

‣  Self-harm 

‣  Suicidal thoughts

‣  Flashbacks

‣  Panic attacks

‣  Sleep / dreams / nightmares

‣  Relationship problems

‣  Addictions

‣  Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

‣  Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

‣  Anger

‣  Panic attacks

Benefits of Counselling

It is confidential

It can be beneficial to speak to someone who is not related to you or your problems and who will not share their opinions or try to give you advice.

Talking about the past can help you to make sense of it and move past it.

You will gain a greater understanding of your thinking and beliefs; identify where they originate from and learn how to replace the negative with healthier ones.

You will learn strategies to help you to become more emotionally resilient so that you can cope better with your emotions and day to day stresses.

You will increase in confidence as you work on accepting yourself as the beautiful human that you are.

How does it work?

 You will meet with your counsellor weekly (or fortnightly if appropriate), at my private practice. This time is yours to explore how you feel about your current difficulties.  Speaking about your feelings and emotions can help you to make sense of them. The old saying, 'a problem shared, is a problem halved' really is true.  They will not tell you what they think you should do but will help you to realise that you already have everything you need to find the answers. The sessions will be tailored to what you need - at times they may do more listening, at other times they may teach you strategies to manage your emotions, they may also gently challenge your view points and beliefs to help you to see things differently and at times they may set you some things to try at home. 

Meet the team

Emma pic.jpeg

Emma Tomlinson

Qualified Counsellor


Julie Gregory-Bateman

Counsellor in Training

Stevie 3.jpg

Stevie Bea

Counsellor in Training


Chaneille Gaynor 

Counsellor in Training

Maheen 2.jpg

Maheen Syed

Counsellor in Training


Rosie Allen

Counsellor in Training

Lucy pic.jpg

Lucy O'Connell

Counsellor in Training


Chris Morris

Counsellor in Training


Mollie Bircher

Counsellor in Training


Sallie Bowd

Counsellor in Training

What's next?


Make an enquiry today

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Book you consultation

‣ You'll meet with our resident counsellor, Emma, for 60 minutes and explore what you need support with - and we'll make sure we're a good fit for what you need


Matched with a counsellor

‣  You'll be matched with the most suitable counsellor who will get in touch with you to arrange your first session


Start the therapy

‣ You'll then meet weekly, or in some case fortnightly, with the counsellor for 60 minute sessions


Review your progress

‣ There's no limit to the amount of sessions you can have, as long as you and the counsellor are happy to continue to work together. The counsellor will check in with you every 6 sessions to discuss progress and explore and agree the next steps 


£40 for a 60 minute session

£215 for block of 6 sessions

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