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Sallie Bowd



I am currently studying for a masters in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy at the University of Derby.

Alongside volunteering with Claire, I also volunteer on a trauma helpline and work with clients in a trauma led charity.

I previously worked in HR for over 12 years, before jetting off to Croatia to train to become a stewardess on a yacht which then led me to train and qualify to become a sailing and powerboat instructor. I have worked in numerous locations across the world from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean on yachts and managing hotels and beachfronts. I worked in this industry full time professionally for 7 years and I still work freelance whist studying and working towards the goal of accreditation for the Masters. 

I dedicate some of my spare time to the RYA Sailability scheme whereby I am part of a team helping disabled people learn how to sail. Super rewarding. 

I adore the outdoors, especially walking my amazing Greek rescue street dog, Peggy. Being active and outdoors gives me a great deal of happiness in a crazy busy world. 

My ambitions are to achieve the Masters and learn how to windsurf! Part of my brain thinks I am too old, but I'm not someone who likes to be overruled by my negative voice. I will prove it wrong!! 


Monday afternoons/evening (online only)


£60 for 60 minute sessions

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