Breakthrough Day

Ready to breakthrough self-doubt and fear to make decisions with confidence and ease?

Ready to let go of the past and be empowered to live life on your terms?

Ready for an intense, transformational experience?


Are you?


VIP Breakthrough Day

A Breakthrough Day is a powerful, immersive experience where you will blast away negative beliefs and self-doubt that is getting in the way of you making decisions and creating the life and career that you want.


Holding onto negative emotions and beliefs from the past impacts the decisions we make in the future. Our memories, beliefs and patterns of behaviour are largely stored and being run from our unconscious mind. What may have been helpful to us when we were younger may not be helpful now. Our unconscious mind doesn't recognise this though, it will continue to run these patterns of behaviour until we can go back and store the memories and events in a more accurate way, through our adult eyes instead of those of a child. We cannot erase memories of events but we can reframe them and take the positive learnings from them. The techniques used throughout the day are designed to help you to make changes at the root of the problem so that they are long-lasting and do not just rely on willpower alone.


What to expect


90 MINUTE STRATEGY SESSION to get super clear on what's currently holding you back and what you'd like to work on

HOMEWORK TO COMPLETE which will help me start to piece it all together and identify any patterns and triggers that might be impacting how you are feeling now

A typical Breakthrough Day is split into 4 parts and includes: 

Part 1: Personal History 

We'll delve into your past and unearth the patterns and beliefs that you've been carrying throughout life, to discover more about the problem and it's root. 

Using a combination of NLP techniques and clever theory, we'll begin to break through mental barriers, interrupt unhelpful patterns or behaviours - and eliminate fear. 

A 3-4 hour session to blast away negative emotions from the past: anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt - and any negative beliefs you have about yourself. 

Part 2: Elimination

Part 3: Timeline Therapy

Part 4: Hypnotherapy

To embed and reaffirm new, empowering beliefs that will help you to soar to new heights in your life, career and business.

So that I can design your VIP experience to fit your needs like a glove, before the day,

you will have a...


‣  A follow up email, detailing everything we've covered on the day, along with some actions that we've agreed you'll take to get the wheels of your new life moving

‣  2-hour values coaching session a week or so later to help you uncover what is most important to you in your life and career 

‣  Paperback copy of my book 'Have a Magical Day!'

‣  Surprise box of goodies!

Refreshments and a sandwich lunch are provided to ensure you feel completely at ease and comfortable throughout the day.

All you need to bring is yourself!

Success Stories 

I was very lucky to recently undertake a Breakthrough Day with Claire. My employer arranged this coaching day to help me progress in my management role. It is hard when you are stuck in your ways and have negative beliefs to try to identify what you want to change about yourself and focus on what was holding me back, but Claire was able to identify this straight away and I felt like she really understood me. For the last 8 years, I have lived with anxiety, trust and confidence issues. This was impacting my ability to manage others in the workplace and conduct a normal social life. I have tried CBT and other counselling therapies in the past, but issues were only really talked about and discussed at length, they were never truly resolved. However, using the range of different techniques the day offers, Claire is able to help change the way you think about yourself and address all the unconscious beliefs you’ve developed over your life. I did not realise how much the breakthrough day could help me with my anxiety. It was just something I got used to living with, but it was like a miracle treatment. It really worked. 


Following the breakthrough day, I feel like a different person and rarely feel anxious anymore. I did not realise how my beliefs were holding me back, personally and professionally. The aftercare that Claire offers is excellent! She is so supportive via text, phone call and email. She was able to address any barriers that I had going forward and was on hand when I needed her. I think the most important thing when considering a breakthrough day is… whether you are open and willing to change. You have to trust the methods that Claire uses and “just go with it”. I understand it may seem like a big commitment financially but honestly, it is one of the best things you will do. It is 100% worth spending the money on yourself as it WILL change your life!



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Frequently asked questions

Can one day really make that much of a difference?

Oh yes! What you can achieve in a Breakthrough Day could take you months to achieve in traditional counselling sessions. The Breakthrough Day lasts approximately 9 hours, allowing the work to go to a much deeper level. The combination of the different strategies and therapeutic modalities help to get to the root of the problem, helping you to make a greater change.

Can Breakthrough Days help with my low confidence?

Definitely! The main benefit of a Breakthrough Day is that you will leave with a renewed faith in yourself and what you're capable of, because the focus of the day is to upgrade your mindset and help you to release negative beliefs that haven't been serving you.

Can you guarantee it will work?

Being the over-achiever that I am, I can guarantee you that I will put in 110% into supporitng you. if you put in 110% as well, theres is no way we won't make progress towards your dream life and career. The amount of progress you make is determined by how committed you are to making a change. If you follow my suggestions, complete the tasks set and put the time and energy into the process and into YOU - you won't regret it. The only regret I ever hear from my clients is the regret they never did it sooner!

I just feel completely stuck at the moment and don't know which direction I want to go in - does this matter?

Definitely not. Deep down you do know the direction you want to go in and you do know how to get unstuck, but sometimes the noise in our heads, along with the well-meaning opinions of our loved ones can stop us from hearing the answers. It stops us from seeing the truth. I love the analogy of a snow globe. Before the Breakthrough Daywhen the snow globe has been shaken - snow everywhere, clouding the picture behind it. Your emotions and beliefs are like the snow, getting in the way of you seeing the answers. The Breakthrough Day helps the snowto settle by clearning away the unwanted emotions and beliefs, helping the picture to become clearer - helping you to see the way!