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I understand that not everyone is in a position to have counselling or coaching. This has never sat right with me, as the quality of your mental health determines the quality of your life. This spurred me on to create a book that has resources that everyone can access no matter what their circumstances are.


Written in a simple and honest manner, it promises to teach you new ways of thinking but also remind of you of the basics - the things we overlook when our busy lives overtake us.

It is packed with personal insights, practical tools and strategies to help you to let go of negative emotions, beliefs and unhealthy behaviour patterns that are barriers to your happiness and contentment in life. The book is based around a mind-body approach, what I refer to as the 5Cs.

Challenge your thinking

Control your emotions

Compassion and confidence

Care for your body

Create your future


Want to stop being controlled by the past and move forwards in your life? This is the book for you!

Have a Magical Day! Book

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  • Paperback book.

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