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2 DayTRansformation Retreat

Does this sound like you?

... You feel frazzled and burnt out but find it hard to switch off.


... You are in desperate need of some R&R.


... Your head is filled with doubt, worry and just way too much ‘stuff’.          


... You wish you could feel confident and not worry so much about what other people think.


... You’d like to have a clear direction instead of just floating along, scared of making a change.


... You’ve maybe dabbled in self-help and personal development but it’s time to make some long-lasting shifts.


... You are ready for a truly transformational experience!


VIP 2-Day Transformation Retreat

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This is an immersive one-to-one, VIP experience where you will discover what obstacles have been holding you back, breakthrough the mental barriers, supercharge your self - belief and design the life or career/business of your dreams, set in the luxurious surroundings of the Hoar Cross Hall Hotel and Spa, Staffordshire.


Day 1: Breakthrough Day

An intense, powerful day focussed on getting rid of the 'problem' and breaking through any negative emotions and beliefs from the past that are creating barriers to your progress in your current life. 


Day 1 typically looks like this...

We meet bright and early in one of the stunning hotel rooms where our journey will begin. We start the day with detailed personal history questions to discover more about the problem and its root. The rest of the morning will include NLP techniques and a range of different strategies, teachings and clever theory to help you to resolve conflicts, interrupt unhelpful patterns of behaviour, increase confidence and eliminate any fears you have.

We will then break for lunch in Henry’s restaurant to refuel ready for an afternoon of Time Line Therapy to blast away the emotions of anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt and any negative beliefs you have about yourself. Time permitting, the day will end with some lovely, relaxing hypnosis to reaffirm your new, empowering beliefs.

We will meet for dinner to celebrate your achievements and progress from the day. It’s a full on, intense day - you will be soooo ready to spend the evening unwinding in the spa before settling in for the night in your gorgeous room.

A whole day dedicated to creating your best life. Together we will reflect on where you are in your life now; discover where you want to be and work out the steps to get you there. Most us feel like we should be making a living but what if it was about designing your life? That is exactly what we will do! We will tease out what you do want in life and remove any final barriers so there is nothing standing in the way of you having an outstanding life and career!

On Day 2, you can expect...

Start the day with a nourishing breakfast, before rolling up our sleeves and getting to work on designing your new life! A whole day of intense coaching on 1 or 2 key areas, we will explore your values, celebrate what is already working and get super focussed on the changes you need to make to propel your life and career forwards.

We will break for lunch before returning to tie this all together into a detailed plan that you will help you to keep the momentum going when you return home, where the hard work really starts!


You will end the day with a well-deserved and much needed 55-minute Wellbeing Full Body Massage and full access to the spa facilities.

What does it include?


Day 2: Transformation Day


As if this didn't already sound incredible, also included is:

‣  An initial 90-minute strategy session - to help me to get clear about changes you want to make

‣  Homework to complete - so that I can start to identify patterns and triggers that may be impacting how you feel now and design your individual retreat transformation program

‣  Paperback copy of my book 'Have a Magical Day!'

‣  Surprise box of goodies

‣  A follow-up email, detailing everything we've covered over the weekend, along with a detailed action plan to get the wheels of your new life moving

‣  Aftercare check-in texts / emails

‣  A 60 minute Zoom Momentum Session, a week or so later to celebrate the actions you've taken and the changes you've made


  • Can one day really make that much of a difference?
    Oh yes! What you can achieve in a Breakthrough Day could take you months to achieve in traditional counselling sessions. The Breakthrough Day lasts approximately 9 hours, allowing the work to go to a much deeper level. The combination of the different strategies and therapeutic modalities help to get to the root of the problem, helping you to make a greater change.
  • Can Breakthrough Days help with my low confidence?
    Definitely! The main benefit of a Breakthrough Day is that you will leave with a renewed faith in yourself and what you're capable of, because the focus of the day is to upgrade your mindset and help you to release negative beliefs that haven't been serving you.
  • Can you guarantee it will work?
    Being the over-achiever that I am, I can guarantee you that I will put in 110% into supporitng you. if you put in 110% as well, theres is no way we won't make progress towards your dream life and career. The amount of progress you make is determined by how committed you are to making a change. If you follow my suggestions, complete the tasks set and put the time and energy into the process and into YOU - you won't regret it. The only regret I ever hear from my clients is the regret they never did it sooner!
  • I just feel completely stuck at the moment and don't know which direction I want to go in - does this matter?
    Definitely not. Deep down you do know the direction you want to go in and you do know how to get unstuck, but sometimes the noise in our heads, along with the well-meaning opinions of our loved ones can stop us from hearing the answers. It stops us from seeing the truth. I love the analogy of a snow globe. Before the Breakthrough Daywhen the snow globe has been shaken - snow everywhere, clouding the picture behind it. Your emotions and beliefs are like the snow, getting in the way of you seeing the answers. The Breakthrough Day helps the snowto settle by clearning away the unwanted emotions and beliefs, helping the picture to become clearer - helping you to see the way!
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