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Newsletter vol. 35 - Did you know I can speak fluent Gibberish? (How our beliefs hold us back)

I hope you have all had a lovely half term week. I went to the Mind Body Spirit Event at the NEC on Friday which was incredible. We did everything from gong baths, heart dance meditations, Kundalini Yoga to Cacao Ceremonies. We met so many magical people - I was in my absolute element! ❤

One of the most interesting things for me was a Playfulness Workshopthat we went to. This was all about playing games, being silly and tapping into your inner child. Up until a few years ago, this would have been my worst nightmare – being in a room full of strangers and looking silly in front of them. We had to stand in a circle and make silly noises, walk around pretend to talk gibberish to people, pretend to be an enthusiastic American or a secret agent amongst many other weird and wonderful things. It felt odd and slightly uncomfortable but also incredibly freeing!

Even though I am a million times more confident than I used to be and not easily embarrassed now, every time the man told us the new game, the little voice in my head said, ‘You’ll never be able to do that’. I didn’t think I’d be able to let myself go enough and I could feel a slight pull towards the exit! I had flashes back to drama in school, which if you’ve read my book you’ll understand how much I dreaded this lesson – the whispers of same dread was just under the surface. I noticed that familiar paralysing feeling fleetingly rise in my body every time it was my turn to do the thing and observed as my limiting beliefs rose to the surface. ‘You haven’t got an imagination, you’ll never be able to do that’, the voice said again. 😳

Despite feeling a little awkward, I just smiled and let my inner silliness out. I was talking fluent gibberish like it was a real language and really getting immersed in the characters I was playing. Wow, did it feel good! My cheeks were hurting I was laughing so much. That was therapy in itself! It made me realise just how much I’ve changed. I am definitely not the person I once was. The things we struggle with can feel like they are part of our identity and that we’ll always be like that but it’s just not true. You’re not a shy or anxious person, these feelings are just symptoms of what you’ve experienced in the past. They are not who you are. Inside you are still a pure, excitable, confident little boy or girl, full is wonder and magic. 🌟

One of the most interesting things that came out of this was the connection I felt with the other 8 or so people that were there. 45 minutes earlier they were complete strangers and then they were like friends that I’d known for years, even without having a proper conversation with them. We had been in this strange situation together. Each showing up as our vulnerable, authentic selves. It was magical.

This was a perfect example of how our thoughts and beliefs limit our potential. Although our mind is just trying to keep us safe, it keeps us prisoner.

I know this is just a silly example but it made me think, if my mind is telling me I can’t do this, what else is it holding me back from doing? It made me realise just how powerful our previous programming is and how it plays out without us even realising, keeping us small.

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. If you don’t think you’re good enough then you will attract people and situations into your life where these patterns can play out and you can stay stuck in this cycle. This feels safe, it is familiar. What you believe, is what you will achieve, is so true. If you don’t think you can do something, it will impact the energy you have going into it and the potential that you’re tapping into, which impacts the actions you take, which of course impact the level of success. It is a vicious cycle because if the outcome isn’t great, it confirms the initial belief and this is what keeps you stuck.

What beliefs you have about yourself and others that are keeping you small?

How would you have felt being silly in front of a group of strangers?

Would you have been able to let yourself go?

How often are you just YOU?

This is the work that I am so passionate about helping my clients to do. To break through the limits in their mind, do things they never thought possible and unapologetically be the person they want to be. Over the last couple of months, I have been working on the support packages I offer and crafting new and improved versions to support my clients to do just this. Keep your eyes peeled for these this week!

I just wanted to remind you that there is no one else on the planet like you. You are beautifully perfect just as you are and the more you can just be YOU, the more magical your life will become.

Have a magical week, you beautiful people 🌈💜🎉

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