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Remember who you are! HAVE A MAGICAL WEEK - Vol. 42

Hi there!

Oohh, it’s another frosty one today! ❄ Spring is definitely on its way though. Daffodils have started to sprout; it’s getting darker later and green buds are appearing on the bare trees. I love it! 😍

Let me ask you this…how are you doing? I don’t just mean that in a making conversation way like we all do with people we see. I mean, how are you REALLY doing?I want you to just stop and reflect on this. Life whizzes by at a million miles an hour and we can be so focussed on everyone and everything else that we forget to look at ourselves. Before we know it, we’re ill or burnt out and we wonder where it came from. We push through. Ignore the signs. Put ourselves last.

Why do we do this? 🤔

It’s so blinking annoying and a cycle that I have repeated most of my life. It can be really helpful to bring our focus back to us and to have a little check in with ourselves from time to time (daily if possible but I don’t want you to put that pressure on yourself)…

Ask yourself…

❤How am I feeling today?

❤Is there anything on my mind that’s niggling at me?

❤How does my body feel?

❤Do I have any pain anywhere?

❤How has my sleep been? Am I getting enough?

❤Have I been doing the basics like eating well and exercising?

❤When was the last time I saw my friends or did something fun?

❤Where am I putting most of my time and energy?

Once you know where you are, you can take the steps to give yourself what you need.

It can be really hard to break this cycle of neglecting yourself, especially if you have limiting beliefs like, ‘I’m not important’, ‘I don’t deserve love or happiness, ‘I don’t have worth’ or something like this lurking beneath the surface. We all have limiting beliefs to some degree – things that we’ve picked up throughout of life that we now believe to be true. These are sneaky little suckers and are often buried deep in our unconscious minds. If you struggle to put yourself first and take care of yourself, I will guarantee you that you have some too that need to be processed and released.

Last week, I delivered 2 workshops in Nottingham to a group of female celebrants as part of a retreat they were on. I had done one just over a year ago at their last retreat and they had very kindly invited me back to speak again. I was so grateful and had the most amazing day with these incredible ladies. It confirmed one thing for me though – no matter how confident you appear, how successful in business you are, bigging ourselves up and being proud of what we’ve achieved and who we are doesn’t come naturally for most of us. If only we could see what other people see in us – wouldn’t life be much simpler?!

In my book and in my workshops, I talk about how powerful language and self-talk is in changing your state and helping to boost your confidence. I tell the story of a time when I was really down a few years ago, full of self-doubt and self-loathing 😣. I can’t remember the ins and outs of the conversation, but I was telling my husband about how shit I was basically! To try and snap me out of my misery, he put his hands on the tops of my arms, turned me to face him, looked me dead in the eyes and said…

‘Remember who you are…


It's so true that people don’t remember what you say but you remember how they made you feel. In this moment, it felt like something had shifted for me. I needed to believe in myself as much as he believed in me. Even though the years of conditioned self-doubt were still there, it was like there was a little opening in the black cloud and a tiny part of me thought, ‘Yes, I am!’ 💪🏻

When I saw the celebrant ladies on Friday, the first thing they said as I walked through the door was, ‘IT’S CLAIRE F**KING REEEVES!’ I cannot tell you how happy this made me (as well as slightly uncomfortable as I’m not as good at accepting compliments and nice words as I am at giving them!). They said they had been saying this to themselves all year and reminding themselves of who they were and what I would say. I was so taken aback. 😊

I get it though. There is something so powerful about saying that to ourselves. Standing up tall, shoulders back, head up, deep breaths, clenched fists and powerfully giving ourselves that reminder. We are powerful. There is no one else on the planet like us. We are still standing here after everything that we’ve been through. We are f**king awesome! Even if we don’t fully believe what we’re saying yet, it still feels good to be in that state, even if just for a millisecond.

Our brain doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined so the more you put yourself in this state, the more easily your mind and body will adapt to let this in. You will start to believe it more and more.

I use this little reminder EVERYTIME I need to inject myself with a bit of confidence – before my Exploratory Calls with prospective clients; before delivering a workshop; before having a difficult conversation with a member of my team – anytime I want to quieten the voice in my head telling me I’m shit and I’m not as good as everyone one else.

So, let me ask you this….


Have a magical week, you beautiful people 🌈💜🎉

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