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Ask Reeves 1: Stuck in a rut after lockdown

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

"Lockdown has highlighted a few things for me and I feel stuck in a rut. I want to make a change, but will talking about it really help?"

Thank you this weeks question... In summary, this video covers the below points:

  • Why talking about something that's already happened can help you to move past it

  • Why talking to someone who isn't emotionally invested in your problem or situation is where the magic lies - They can help you to see things differently.

  • How a coach or counsellor can help you to question and reframe the way you think about a problem, explore it deeper and find the answers that you already have.

  • How talking out loud can help you understand how you truly feel about a situation.

  • Services available to help you find out the route of the problem and the strategies to move you forward.

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