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Newsletter vol. 36 - We didn't win...but did we? (Visualising/manifesting/power of positive thinking

As some of you may know, we had been nominated as finalists for the East Staffordshire and South Derbyshire Business Awards and we went to the ceremony on Thursday night. We didn’t win but we came a very close second and were highly commended. 🎉 The judges gave us incredible feedback which I am so grateful for. ❤

People have asked if I was disappointed not to have won. Obviously, it would have been amazing to win but to be honest I was more surprised than anything! I am a big believer in the power of visualisation, manifestation and the Law of Attraction. Since I found out that we had been nominated a few weeks ago I have been visualising going up to the stage, collecting the award and seeing myself smiling! I had relived that same scene in my mind over and over again so much so, that when they didn’t call my name, I was a little surprised! People have said, ‘Well, surely that has made you even more disappointed that you thought you were getting something but didn’t.’

It hasn’t.

All of this is positive stuff! What visualising the outcome you want and embedding a positive belief does do, is change your energy, as I explained in the last newsletter when I spoke about the Success Cycle. For those of you that are new here this week, here is a diagram…

When I met with the judges, I had the belief that we could win, as I see the incredible results our clients achieve. That impacted the potential that I could tap into and the energy I had when meeting them. I went into that conversation with a positive mindset; I spoke confidently and calmly and enjoyed the process telling them about the wonderful ways in which we put our clients first (action). Although we didn’t win the award, we had amazing feedback from the 3 judges and they shared how much my book is already helping them and their loved ones. To me that is a result! I felt like we were winners because of that.

So, the manifesting didn’t deliver on this occasion…or did it? Mike Dooley, author of ‘Thoughts become things’, says that when you are visualising the outcome you want, you shouldn’t be too specific . You should just concentrate on the feeling that you want to have once you’ve achieved your goal. My visualisation was probably a little too specific, seeing myself picking up the award, but I definitely achieved the feeling that I wanted which was to feel proud that we were being recognised for our hard work, to be happy that we were able to spread the word about our services and help more people and to celebrate with the people I love. Abundance is often delivered in ways that you haven’t imagined or expected. I have received so much love from our team, my family, friends, clients and strangers that we’ve helped because of being nominated. Winning the award would have been the icing on the cake but I also trust that good things will come from that night and that the Universe has a plan! 🌟❤😎

Are you someone who only prepares for the worst so as not to get disappointed? This is something I hear people say, a lot!

Imagine what the night would have been like and the process leading up to that, if I believed the opposite, that we wouldn’t win and didn’t stand a chance.

My belief would have impacted my energy going into the interview with the judges, which would have negatively impacted my actions (I would have probably have been more nervous, less articulate, less friendly) which would definitely have impacted their view of me and our business in a negative way, which would DEFINITELY have impacted the result. We wouldn’t have won which would have confirmed the initial belief of, ‘We won’t win’.

Even though that wouldn’t have felt great, it can feel sort of satisfying to have your beliefs confirmed and you can say, ‘Well, I knew that was going to happen’. This alleviates the mental discomfort known as Cognitive Dissonance. This can happen when our outside world is in conflict with our internal world - when things aren’t in line with our beliefs. When this happens we will unconsciously do what we can to get everything back in line, even though the outcome may be negative. Have you ever heard yourself saying this? 🤔

Negative thinking only gets you negative results.

When you think negative things, it changes who you become, your actions and how you perceive the world around you, which therefore will impact what you get back.

If you want to create a magical life, you first need to be aware of your thinking. Your mindset is EVERYTHING! 💥💪

When you notice a negative thought or belief in the future, just ask yourself….

🤔Do I know this for a fact?

🤔Have I got any evidence that backs this up?

🤔What else could this mean?

🤔How is this thought making me feel?

🤔Who do I become when I believe this thought?

🤔What would be more helpful to believe instead?

🤔What evidence have I got that this new belief could be true?

Positive thinking isn’t the answer to everything but it blinking helps! If you can learn to harness the power of your mind, everything else in life will feel easier!

If you recognise that you need help with upgrading your mindset then please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Have a magical week, you beautiful people 🌈💜🎉

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