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Newsletter vol.38 - End of Year Reflections reveal all

Hi there!

2 days to go before Christmas! I hope you are all ready, wrapped and excited.

I am not normally someone to wish away time but I am so excited for the New Year. This year has been a tricky one for me, full of twists and turns. I have learnt so much about myself and about my business, and as exhausted as I am, I feel truly grateful that I can put these lessons into practice and make next year even better.

I have just spent the last hour completing my End of Year Journal reflecting on 2022 and wow, have we done a lot! No wonder I am feeling exhausted! I didn’t realise how many amazing moments there had been this year until I completed this and looked back through the photos on my phone. I was struggling to remember anything other than the painful, stressful times but there’s been magic in every month.

The biggest thing I’ve taken from doing this this morning is that gratitude is the key. You can choose to focus on everything that is going wron; the people that have let you down; the things you don’t have or you can choose to be grateful for what you do have; the people that have shown you kindness and the things that have gone right.

Practising gratitude and writing in my journal everyday was the main thing that helped to turn my lifetime of anxiety and depression around 10 years ago. Practising gratitude is like body-building for the mind – it helps to build resilience and helps you to feel emotionally and mentally fitter. This is DEFINITELY one habit that I am going to be reintroducing in 2022, starting today!

I have attached my End of Year Reflection Journal for you so that you can find the magic in this year - click here to download yours. There will be some, I promise, no matter how tough it’s been. Even if they are just lessons that you’ve learnt, you can be grateful for them as we are all just learning and growing. The lessons are what help us to become an even better version of ourselves.

Another simple little reflection tool that I want to share with you is ‘Tending the Garden of Life’.

Take some time on your own to contemplate your personal life with a blank piece of paper or file and make a list with three headings;

  1. Flowers (what did you love)

  2. Weeds (what would you leave out)

  3. Fertilizer (what could you add or improve)

I hope you all have an incredible Christmas. Remember, no-one’s Christmas will be perfect. No-one’s family is perfect. Just take some time, even if just a few moments, to look around you and take it all in. If you see one person over Christmas and receive one present that is something precious to hold on to.

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